Would you pass?

Love them or hate them, tests are everywhere. Whether you're walking up to a random girl, ordering a drink from a veteran bartender, or sitting in a class actually taking a test, you are probably being tested and there for, taking a test. This is because we are inquisitive, skeptical people, who want to know who we are talking to, whether they are worth our time, or for the less trusting among us, whether or not they mean to harm us.

I understand that there is a potential that most people don't think this way, but this isn't for those people. They don't read, understand subtext and don't think about the situations they find themselves in tactically. I don't know most people, so I can't speak for them, nor have i taken the time to look for a study on this devilish advocacy, so I am going to continue under the assumption that most people do probe those around them, attempting to clean prejudice's grime from their perspective.

We've all had that feeling, when you are talking to someone and everything seems to be going really well, then you decide to make a sexist joke and he/she reacts horribly. They failed your test and you theirs'. There isn't too much wrong with this, some people just aren't meant to associate, as sad as that is, because we all have boundaries constructed after painful injuries, that we only let people cross if they continue passing our tests.

Now if God exists, he is certainly testing us. One of the hardest tests I have ever found myself facing was a mangy dog. If you look at one and don't weep inside, there is something wrong with you. You can see the pain in their eyes as the mites burrow into their skin and hair follicles and they start to loose their hair from over scratching and destruction by the mites themselves. Unfortunately for these animals, who constantly feel the urge to scratch, they are poorly equipped to.

Could you look at an animal, obviously diseased, whose skin oozes and smells and humble yourself to pet it? If so you are probably a really good person and should probably go wash your hands immediately and maybe find a bath for the animal. It will go a long way with the animal who is also likely spurned and under nourished.

No matter where you find yourself, be alert, some one is probably watching you, God or otherwise.


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