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"Why do they get to sit back at the science vessels why we schlep around swamps actively looking for things that can kill us?" "I'm not sure, private." She said with extra emphasis on his rank. "Our orders are simple, secure and create a perimeter and identify potential threats. The sooner you stop complaining about our orders the faster you can be losing your paycheck to the rest of us in poker."
The major wasn't normally this testy, so her irritated response rippled through her crew, each  interpreting it in their own way. Then again, this was her first time 20 being light years away from home on a planet whose ecology mirrored the everglades.
"Charles how long until that uplink is done?" She asked knowing it was taking longer than usual. Truthfully she didn't want to spend any more time away from the barracks than she had too. The unfamiliar noises of the wildlife gave her the sent shivers down her spine. "Well I've got …

Something about Terpenes

When most people think about marijuana, they think about the psychoactive effects of 9-delta-Tetrahydrocannabinol and the newly touted health benefits of Cannabidiol. Unfortunately, there are many other chemicals that are overlooked that have medical benefits and give marijuana it's flavor profile.
This class of chemicals is known as terpenes, which are hydrocarbons most often associated with conifers. While cannabinoid research has moved at a sluggish pace, medical research involving terpenes has been moving at a blistering pace. Still it is important to remember that marijuana alone has 200 terpenes, so you can imagine how long it will take to design experiments for each and every known terpene in the floral kingdom.
When people talk about “rolling up a heap of pine,” they are referring to marijuana that is rich in Pinene. In many strains of marijuana, the two isomers of pinene (alpha-pinene and beta-pinene) make up more than 50% of all terpene mass. Pinene is the second m…

Hate Makes Waste

Current song: Goodbyes and Endings by The Dodos off their new LP Individ.

Despite how individualistic we all want to be (myself included,) I cannot help but find endless evidence that I am wrong and we are all alike. Most of us share generally the same experience, at a base level. School, extracurricular, a job, college, summer job or job during college, career or master's degree into a career. This is the model set forth by society with the greatest likelihood of achieving success. A build order if you will.

Now I am the type who believes that all behaviors are part of a greater trend. Take for example my affinity for leaving trails behind, in search of sights few have seen. To most people the trail is the only option, going off the trail is riskier, and in most cases actually interrupts the environment. To the fortune of the environment and my conscience, the fact that 99% of people follow the trail as they are told means that my rare transgression upon protected soil leaves lit…