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Venezuelan Food Crisis Worsens

Venezuelans face many problems but few are as dangerous as it's food shortages. Long lines and lack of access to basic goods have led to widespread protesting, incidents of looting, and Venezuelans turning on one another. More than 20 out of 100 goods are no longer found on shelves in stores. And the problem only appears to be getting worse.
Much of the problem has to do with an inept and corrupt governing class. Hugo Chavez started a mass appropriation program which has been used to seize much of countries farmlands and to target political opponents. While current President Nicolas Maduro also uses this tactic, often citing that the farm land isn't being used efficiently, food production in the country has been drastically reduced.
The situation has gotten so bad that the Government is now calling for citizens to grow their own food. President Maduro claims he and his family have 60 chickens (which they likely took from someone else) and fails to recognize that 83% of the…