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Hello Cruel World

"I don't care about you and I honestly don't care about much. When the moment is right and I have gotten all the utility out of you that I can, I'm going to put knife between your thrid and fourth thoracic vertebrae. I'll put you down like the useless, space wasting cellular conglomerate that you are. So do we have a deal?"

"Can, can I sleep on this?" He stammered uncontrollably, it was as if his frontal lobe were slowly becoming paralyzed with shock.

"No, not really and honestly this isn't a yes or no opportunity. It's either yes or I kill you now. You know too much as they say."

"Um, I wasn't really expecting this. This m-m-might be too much for me."

"Then you are weak and aware of your weakness and do nothing to overcome it. You are the worst type of human. I should kill you now." Jeremiah reached for the silver hilted knife that was lying on his mahogany desk. It had several Pearls and Turquoise stones i…