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Hate Makes Waste

Current song: Goodbyes and Endings by The Dodos off their new LP Individ.

Despite how individualistic we all want to be (myself included,) I cannot help but find endless evidence that I am wrong and we are all alike. Most of us share generally the same experience, at a base level. School, extracurricular, a job, college, summer job or job during college, career or master's degree into a career. This is the model set forth by society with the greatest likelihood of achieving success. A build order if you will.

Now I am the type who believes that all behaviors are part of a greater trend. Take for example my affinity for leaving trails behind, in search of sights few have seen. To most people the trail is the only option, going off the trail is riskier, and in most cases actually interrupts the environment. To the fortune of the environment and my conscience, the fact that 99% of people follow the trail as they are told means that my rare transgression upon protected soil leaves lit…