Hello Cruel World

"I don't care about you and I honestly don't care about much. When the moment is right and I have gotten all the utility out of you that I can, I'm going to put knife between your thrid and fourth thoracic vertebrae. I'll put you down like the useless, space wasting cellular conglomerate that you are. So do we have a deal?"

"Can, can I sleep on this?" He stammered uncontrollably, it was as if his frontal lobe were slowly becoming paralyzed with shock.

"No, not really and honestly this isn't a yes or no opportunity. It's either yes or I kill you now. You know too much as they say."

"Um, I wasn't really expecting this. This m-m-might be too much for me."

"Then you are weak and aware of your weakness and do nothing to overcome it. You are the worst type of human. I should kill you now." Jeremiah reached for the silver hilted knife that was lying on his mahogany desk. It had several Pearls and Turquoise stones in the handle and looked looked like a relic from a long forgotten king. Rodney, the man he was talking to, carefully watched Jerremiah's hand through a range motion which brought the edge of the blade up to the plane of their eyes. Jeremiah smirked at the fear he saw on the man's face.

"So what's it going to be?"

"I.. I... I Think I need to talk to my wife about it.." His hand was on the back of his head. He was looking for excuses, found none and turned to walk away.

"You are making a mistake." Jeremiah said calmly.  The poor man was almost running to the door. Jeremiah lifted his arm, holding the blade of the knife and aiming carefully. The blade stuck deep in the door frame next to the man's face just as he was leaving the room. "That was your last warning, Rodney." There was no answer, only the soft closing of the door and some scampering footsteps.

Jeremiah reached for his phone and sent a message to one of his employees. It was a code that signaled that Rodney was to meet the end of his days as he made his way home that night. It would look like a tragic accident and no one would ever suspect Jeremiah-- No one relevant even knew Rodney and Jeremiah had ever met. Jeremiah knew this, and knew everything about Rodney. His favorite places to eat, every message he sent to anyone over the last few months, every phone call, purchase, inch moved and Every time he masturbated to internet porn while his wife slept quietly in the next room. Jeremiah never merely took an interest in someone.

Jeremiah sat back down at his desk, waited a few minutes out of respect for Rodney, but thought he would never see Rodney again. "Whose, next on the list?" Jeremiah thought and opened his laptop to continue his work.


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