Rural Exploration

I think I'm going to continue the trend of mysterious places and things for a while. Recently I ran into (I have no idea how, as is often then case on the internet) stories about a satanic cult that had supposedly taken up residence at an old abandoned Church in Hollis NC. You probably know that I'm not the type to believe in the super natural-- I've always thought ghost stories were dumb-- but I do believe in satanic cults.

The story starts more than ten years ago on a dark, empty feeling night preceding Halloween in Hollis, when a local drove across a bridge that had been lined with the carcasses of several species of mammals. I probably wouldn't have the same reaction to this ("Oh, how artistic") as most people would, but if I'm living in a rural, undeveloped town of only about a thousand people, maybe, I'm going to be freaked out. My story will quickly spread to those around me.

Who would do such a sordid thing? Clearly it was the satanic cult that has taken up residence in the old boarded up church, which is protected by a black wrought iron gate and a giant pad lock. The locals insist that it was just hunters playing a prank, who arranged the animals, and the church is supposedly used once a year for someones family reunion, but I'm not buying it. Who has a family reunion in a musty boarded up church in the middle of no where, behind an old burnt down gym? Satanists!

Now I'm a fan of exploration, I always have and I'm one of those people who is sad that he/she was born to late to explore the oceans blue and cosmos wide, so I think I will run down to that church some time. Do I expect to find the carcasses of sacrificed goats, pentagrams and wax candles burnt to the point that they run over onto the floor, like stalactites? Hell no, but I'm going to be in a place that few people ever have and in a tiny NC town no one has ever heard of. Sounds like fun to me, who's in?

Whether you live in a city, or out in the country, or even on the internet, there are countless places to explore, people to meet and perspectives to adopt. If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to never stay in one place, or situation for too long, especially if it doesn't make you happy. If your worlds' at large, why should you remain?


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