Jenna brushed some lint from the Shoulders of Jeremiah's navy blue suit, tightened his red tie and straightened the American flag pin on his lapel. One could tell just how fit he was, even in a suit and Jenna hoped that the audience would note this too. One of the strongest parts of his campaign were those on health and nutrition, and while the tub of lard from New Jersey wanted to jump on the healthy living band wagon, by doing a fat burning diet routine that lets America track his diet and wait loss, Jeremiah had been at the wheel for the majority of his adult life and was hoping he would avoid having to address this issue.

"You look great, now go out there and be yourself" Jenna said, giving him encouragement that she knew he didn't need. He always looked so cool, even now before his first presidential debate. She knew that he did not need to worried at all, because she also knew just how much he had prepared for the debate. Jeremiah knew, that she knew both of these things, so they didn't say anything else about it. 

"Beeeee yourself! BZZZZ!!!!" They both laughed. Holly wondered how he could possibly joke at a time like this. Perhaps that is the secret to not loosing your head in stressful situations, just a little laughter.

The hall in which the debate was to be held, was buzzing with chatter, about what Jeremiah could not have cared less. He simply mouthed through some of his responses to predicted questions, gave Holly a kiss on the cheek and walked onto the stage to a warm welcome. He smiled and waved and took his place at the dark oak lectern. No note cards in hand, just irresolute confidence.

Looking out at the crowd, who were sitting in the red, cushioned seats, Jeremiah realized that he had sat in one of those very seats some twenty years ago as a college student. He remembered not enjoying what the candidates had to say and thought that while they said a lot, they meant nothing. This, and many other grievances were on the impetus list that put his two feet where they were. 

Mostly the crowd consisted of; Journalists, who were already tweeting and penning away; people who organized the event; and friends and family of the campaigns, which included some staffers. The remaining 25% of the crowd was students. When he spotted the seat he had sat in some twenty years ago, he saw a young male student, looking around in near wonderment and taking the scene in. The student begged many questions, but it was time for a debate. He took one deep breath, closed his eyes and opened them with his usual, unwavering focus.


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