Today, class, I'd like to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart: Marijuana. Now Marijuana is on the rise. A plant once enslaved will soon be allowed to involuntarily spread across the United States, out doors that is. You see, right now Marijuana is getting a bad rap, and it should. Not for the usual reasons that you might expect. No I don't care about kids doing drugs, or the mental side effects, or addiction, or it often becoming a part of people's budgets when it shouldn't be. The only thing about marijuana that I care about is it's new found large effect on the environment.

Whatchyou say? You heard it, Marijuana production is a disaster right now. Nearly all of it is grown indoors, meaning all of the energy that a plant normally needs and gets from the Sun and it's surrounding environment, for free, is being pulled of the grid. Lights you say? Yeah, those are pretty bad and are on nearly 16 hours a day average across a plants life time, which uses a lot of energy, but there is a LOT more involved. After one includes such factors as, water pumps, space heaters, automatic trimmers, CO2 extraction machines (which because of Co. new ppm laws for marijuana extract products, is about to become a lot more popular,) transportation, the production of fertilizers, the constantly run ventilation and CO2 supply, Indoor marijuana production is estimated to be responsible for as much as 1% of total domestic energy use.

That's fucking crazy right? Of importanc with this statistic is it's likely inflated nature. There are a lot of factors that aren't 100% such as total black market Marijuana production each year, which is far more extensive than legal grows. Common sense tells me that that number is probably inflated, but not by much. Several years ago I remember a grow mansion being busted, for millions of dollars of Marijuana, grown in an underground series of tunnels which stretched for miles. I doubt any of their plants saw the light of day until they were processed and being sold or smoked in someone's apartment.

It's a shame right? Getting high isn't the smartest thing to do, but it plays it's role in keeping individuals balanced in this crazy fast paced world, where most of us are barely getting by.  It's an uphill battle we are fighting, but we are almost at the summit. The beautiful thing about legalizing marijuana (aside from the plants) on a national scale, is that more research into growing techniques and outdoor grows will become viable. The wind will replace the ventilation systems, the sun will make LED light boxes look ridiculous, and the Marijuana plant will once again get a grip in the soils of the western world.

Legalize it! it's not just about taxes and getting high folks.


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